17 March, 2020
Fire fighters are a symbol in a community of hope and protection
-Mrs. Tasneem Ansari

Fire fighters hold a powerful mystique for many children. A trip to the fire station can be exciting and educational. The boys of the SrKg were taken for a short and informative field trip to a fire station at Wadala on 14th March 2020, in order to understand the importance of community helpers in our lives. Visual learning helps the child in forming correlation between what is taught and what is visible to him. The objectives were to enhance visual learning and crisis handling abilities among them.
The enthusiasm of the children showed as soon as they boarded the bus and began to recite the poem “Ten little firemen”. On reaching the fire station the boys were made comfortable with the ambience. The boys were briefed by the fire officer on how to contact the fire authorities in case of emergency by dialing 101. They met firemen and observed how fire fighters save lives from disaster through demonstrations. The firemen showed them different uniforms, equipment and emergency vehicles explaining in detail the need to wear certain equipment and use of different tools. They showed them their uniform-heavy jackets that protect them from heat while fighting fire, helmet, gloves and boots. The children learned about fire safety, rescue guidance and fire protection. The children were educated on the ways that can be used for dousing the fire i.e. covering the area with a blanket or putting sand over the affected areas.
A demonstration drill was also conducted to explain the whole process of fire elimination. The children interacted with the firemen and asked many questions about the fire station. They were given a hand on experience to hold the hose and to get ready when the fire alarm bell rings. They were made known of the precautions the fire fighter takes before entering the affected area which also depend on the severity of the situation. The children then visited the vehicle used by a fireman during an emergency.
The children had an exciting time touring the fire station observing keenly how the fire fighters live their day-to-day life. This outbound trip created an awareness to face crisis situations.
The children expressed their gratitude towards the fire fighters for a very informative and fun day out by giving them a ‘Thank you’card. The boys were all thrilled and excited as they returned back to school and some even aspired to be fire fighters when they grow up. They returned home with lots of information and experience to discuss and share with their family.

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