19 August, 2018
Finding Inner Peace and Embracing Silence-Retreat and Recollection Std VIII
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas.

The Retreat and Recollection programme for the students of Std 8 was held on 14th August, 2018.
The retreat for the Christian students was animated by Fr. McEnroe Lopes in the DB Provincial House AV hall. The session was animated with inspirational videos, prayer and activities, besides inputs on talents and the greatness of life where the boys shared their experiences. The students were challenged to accept realities in life and to never give up. They were given moments during the day to experience the peace and silence around. The session ended with mass in the shrine crypt celebrated by Fr. McEnroe Lopes.
The recollection programme for the students of other faith was animated by Fr. Leon Rodrigues in the Conference Hall of the School. The session began with meditation where the students were asked to concentrate on their breathing and calm themselves for a few moments. Given that we were on the eve of the 72nd Independence day of the nation, Fr. Leon made the students reflect on the freedom struggle and the sacrifices by our Jawans as well as the memorable speech on freedom by Jawaharlal Nehru. Fr. Leon told the students that we achieved our freedom because there was unity among the citizens. This was followed by an inspirational video on generosity and kindness that ‘keeps the world afloat’. An activity in groups was then conducted with every team vying with one another to make the longest strip of the paper. The narration of the story on ‘RACE’ helped the students grasp the importance of working together in unity. The next activity was the formation of the tallest tower that would stand on its own with the help of Popsicle sticks. Fr. Leon drove home the point the need of the base of a tower to be strong to hold the whole tower.
The day’s session was an enriching input for the students of Std 8 on important aspects of peace and unity.