1 December, 2019
Field Trip-Visit to the Traffic Park
-Ms. Mary Fernandes

A Traffic Park or Children’s Traffic Park is a park where children can learn the rules to be followed on the road. An excursion to the Traffic Park was organized for the students of Std. III on November 28, 2019 with the purpose of introducing basic road safety rules to them. The children visited this enchanting and picturesque place as a part of the school curriculum. Here they got a hands-on experience and the authorities explained patiently each and every road safety rule in detail.
The Traffic Park is equipped with traffic signals, road signs and road crossings and thus the children enjoyed learning about the various aspects of road safety in a play way method. The objective was to encourage our young Boscoites to learn basic road safety rules the ‘Fun Way’. Traffic Park is a wonderful place that takes the initiative to drill in children how to abide traffic rules and be safe.
The little visitors also got a chance to cross the road independently, steadily making it to the other side by watching the signal carefully. They learnt the safety measures to be adopted by citizens to keep themselves safe on the roads. The attentive students gained much knowledge about safety on roads and at the same time enjoyed themselves. On the way back the children could be heard speaking to each other excitedly.”We must always follow the traffic rules,” remarked Ethan D’souza. We, teachers felt a sense of fulfillment!
It was not only fun for the children but also a great learning experience and a refreshing mix of education and entertainment, as we like calling it, edutainment!

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