14 January, 2016

-Ms. Vailena D’Souza

On 12th January, 2017, Std IV went to the GPO for their field trip. This field trip was organized for the students to co-relate with the topic of letter writing that they are learning this month. Prior permission was obtained from the concerned officials for the same and the students were suitably instructed. On the appointed day, after the students had assembled in class and attendance taken, the boys left for their field trip.

On reaching the GPO, they were greeted by the concerned official who acted as their guide. He guided them first to the sorting department and explained to them the process of sorting of letters after the collection of the mail from the letter boxes followed by their dispatch.

The students were then taken to the parcel department, Speed Post, Post Office bank, Passport section and Philately department and Philately Museum. In the Philately section, the students were informed about stamps. Here they purchased envelopes and stamps, inserted the letter they had brought, wrote their address on the envelope and very excitedly posted the letter.

Sweets were then distributed to students by the official of the GPO and they left the venue, learning not only everything about posting but also dignity of labour and appreciation for the postman and everyone who work so hard to ensure that our letters and parcels reach us safely and quickly.