17 January, 2020
Field Trip to Nehru Science Centre
-Ms. AlareenFernandes

Field trips provide a hands-on experience to the students which leads to effective learning. On January 16, 2020 over 160 students of Std. 2 of the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School, Matunga embarked on a trip to Nehru Science Centre, Worli. They were accompanied by their class teachers and subject teachers.
Upon their arrival, the students viewed some interesting scenes at the place – a model of a rocket, steam and electric train. They had a glimpse of innovations in science, Science for Children, Human Body and Sensory Organs, Sound, Light, Pre historic life, etc. It was an enriching and interesting learning experience for the students.
Kiaan Shetye ,a student remarked, “It was a good experience. I enjoyed and learnt a lot about prehistoric life and the human body.” Lathaniel Gomes had this to say, “The field trip was interesting. We learnt more about Science for children.”
The field visit was indeed fulfilling in all aspects and the students were glad that they got the opportunity to visit such a fascinating place.

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