16 July, 2017

Field trip to Nehru Science Centre – Std. VII

-Ms. Pallavi Hedamba


On 13th July 2017, over 250 students of class VII of our school embarked on a trip for the Nehru Science Centre, Worli. Upon their arrival, they viewed some interesting scenes at the place – a model of a steam and electric train and horse carriages. The students received some enriching inputs during the day. They visited the Space Odyssey. Here, there was a dome having an approximately 180 degrees surround view. An interesting movie on Alaska’s wildlife was played, depicting the huge land bridge allowing humans and animals to travel to America. The scenes included Alaska’s glaciers, huge mountains, swift flowing rivers and streams. Human tribes and their survival technique in such harsh climate were also shown.

At the Science centre, there were many exciting and wonderful physics experiments on display including the famous Newton’s Laws and other related laws. The students got to view a magic show called ‘Amazing Planetary Motion’ and another show called ‘Science On A Sphere.’  Information by an organization called NOAA on climate change was relayed to the participants along with interesting maps about climate change.

The visit to the Nehru Science Centre was interesting, fun as well as informative. The students were exposed to many phenomena of physics as well as the earth, its atmosphere and climate. The visit was fulfilling in all aspects and the students were glad that they had an opportunity to visit such a fascinating place.


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