15 December, 2016

Mrs. Niki Sharma


Field trips provide a way to bring classroom lessons to life, making them more tangible and easy to understand. On 8th DECEMBER, 2016 students of STD V received the same hands on opportunity to explore nature by visiting ‘Maharashtra Nature Park’. Maharashtra nature park was once called as ‘Mahim Nature Park’, developed by MMRDA. This nature park has magical wood land with 14 thousand trees, 300 varieties of plants with few as herbs, a lake, 100’s of varieties of migrating birds, insects, beautiful butterflies, reptiles and few mammals too.

Green Heaven in centre of city Mumbai, Maharashtra Nature Park has thousands of trees and since it is in middle of city with concrete high skylines around, it attracts varieties of local birds and season migratory birds. Students of STD V got a very rich and enlightening experience by visiting this place for their field trip. It also dawned on them the manner in which humans are responsible for ruining the environment by taking a look at the Mithi river full of filth and garbage. Overall it was a good learning experience for the students.