23 November, 2019
Field Trip Std IV-Visit to the G.P.O.
Ms. Mural Rebello

“Field trips are an opportunity for you to enter into the world of Mystical Power.”— Frederick Lenz.
The students of Std IV went for their field trip to the G.P.O. on 21st November 2019. This trip was organized to co-relate with the topic dealing with ‘Addressing an Envelope’ related to Letter-writing. The teachers prepared the students for the visit in the days preceding the field trip. Students, teachers and volunteer parents started off from school with an enjoyable bus journey to the town where the huge Heritage Building of the G.P. O. (General Post Office) stands tall.
On reaching the G.P.O Mr. K.R. Shaikh one of the officer-in-charge welcomed the students and was kind enough to take the students around and explain the various departments and its function. The mails are sorted by seventy-five postmen at the sorting section twice a day with the help of the area pin code. The students were then taken to the parcel department, speed post, post office bank, the Philately Bureau and the Philately Museum. Here the students gained a lot of information about stamps. The officer in charge showed stamp sheets made on the basis of Ramayana, extinct animals, customised, personal and many more. These stamps are printed only once. The students understood the difference between postage stamps which can be reprinted and special stamps. Stamp collection is the king of all hobbies and the students were encouraged to develop this hobby. Some of the students purchased stamps and envelopes. Handouts and sweets were distributed to every child.
To quote Yohaan Fernandes of Std IV D ‘A simple postman is part of such a huge important public service without which communication for the simple man would be impossible’
The students enjoyed themselves throughout the trip. Indeed, it was a great learning experience for the students as most of them visited the G.P.O. for the first time.

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