An experience of the neighbourhood – Field trip: Sr. Kg.

-Ms. Larissa Carvalho


Dominic Savio Kindergarten


The Sr. Kg. boys were taken for a road trip in the school bus around the neighbourhood. It was a rainy day and the boys were all excited as it was their 1st field trip this year.

Prayers were said in the class. Children sang songs and rhymes in the bus. They were asked to differentiate clean and dirty roads and causes of dirty roads. They saw the Monorail pass by Wadala bridge all the way to I-Max theatre then to Bhakti park, to Wadala truck terminus road towards S S Nagar and back to King Circle from Five gardens and then back to school.


Children saw traffic on the road and teacher explained the necessity of using public transport. Children saw different vehicles like trains, BEST buses, cars, taxis, trucks and were able to identify them. They saw big bridges and flyovers, huge skyscrapers and buildings under construction. Children got a chance to share their knowledge with their friends.

When they were back in school they had their snacks and were asked to draw all that they saw on the road trip. It was indeed fascinating.