29 September, 2016

-Ms. Sandra Alphonso

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The sky was tar black. There was scent of wetness after it had rained all night. A dense earthly smell rose from the ground enveloping everything within its soft embrace.  It was such a beautiful atmosphere when the boys of Sr. Kg. went on a bus ride to see for themselves the different types of vehicles. They were happy and overjoyed to see the different modes of transport that we encounter in the busy streets of Mumbai city- truck, motorbike, taxi, car, van, trailer truck, tanker, ambulance, cycle, auto rickshaw etc. They saw the local trains and the tracks. They were excited to see the trains on the monorails and the monorail station. Traffic lights, which were taught in class, were actually seen and observed by them.  They saw a depot, gas filling station and a garage. Some of the boys related stories about these places and also few of them compared these vehicles to their toy vehicles. They were engaged in animated discussions and conversation. The children sang songs and recited rhymes on transport. This field trip gave a platform for enhancing their linguistic and cognitive skills. The boys returned to school loaded with enriching knowledge and an exposure to the transport world of Mumbai city.