30 July, 2016

-Ms. Quency Lobo

FieldTripKG30July-01 FieldTripKG30July-02

The students of Jr. Kg went on a field trip on 30th July 2016 around the city. The children learnt the concept of clean and dirty in the classroom and this field trip was organized to make this concept more realistic. The students were taken to the areas that were dirty and those which were clean.  The teacher made the students aware of the bad habits – of littering the place with paper, wrappers and other articles -among some people when they travel by bus, train, auto rickshaw or car, thus making the place dirty. The teacher impressed upon the students the need to use dust bins to dispose rubbish and waste paper. The students gained much knowledge about cleanliness through this exercise while at the same time enjoying their outdoor experience.