23, December, 2019
Festivals make our moral fibre strong
-Ms. Quency Lobo

India is a land of festivals. It encompasses people from different religions and thus numerous festivals are celebrated. Festivals occur at regular intervals and help in breaking the monotony of life. Celebrating festivals in school becomes an integral part of learning and building strong cultural belief in the child. To motivate this and reinforce the topic of festivals taught in class the boys of Sr. Kg celebrated Festival Day on 16th December, 2019 with great pomp and gaiety.
The day began with the teachers educating them about different festivals. The children came to school dressed in their attire and exuded excitement that was palpable in their beaming smiles. A wave of colour spread over the section. It was overwhelming to see the boys dressed as boys and girls in vibrant colours and dazzling accessories to speak on different festivals assigned to them. The festivals were categorized into three viz. religious, national and seasonal and harvest. The boys dressed as Ram, Shiva, Ravana, Gandhiji, Tamil girl celebrating Pongal, a Bengali celebrating Durga Pooja, a Punjabi boy and girl celebrating Lohri and so on. At the fashion parade the children proudly displayed their ethnic attire. They spoke confidently giving information on each festival, the importance of festivals and the message brought about by each festival. The class applauded for each child for their splendid performance.
Festivals promote diversity, brings neighbours into dialogues, increase creativity and offers opportunity for civic pride. This was witnessed as one could see the amazing bonding that took place. Efforts were taken to inculcate respect for all religions, thus promoting national integration.
Festivals are time for cross cultural exchange. They savoured a variety of food items prepared by their parents on different festivals with their classmates. Such events bring us closer to tradition and cultural belief which is a priority in the modern world and where children are exposed a lot to the western world. The children enjoyed the day with much fervour, unbound enthusiasm and joyous festivities. Indeed the occasion was truly lit with smiles and good cheer.

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