7 July, 2019
Feast of St. Dominic Savio-Kg section relives the deeds of kindness!
-Ms.Tasneem Ansari

The children of Savio Kindergarten celebrated the feast of their patron Saint Dominic Savio on 6th of July, 2019. Dominic Savio is viewed as a paragon of virtues; because of his heroic virtues he became an exemplary saint of the youth. The Pre-Primary section chose his noble virtue of ‘Kindness’ as theme for the day.
To begin with the teachers in each class shared with the boys the stories on the life of Dominic Savio. The students of Jr. Kg. then coloured a book mark depicting a candle with a message written, “Be the light of kindness”. They carried the candle to the statue of Dominic Savio and whispered a prayer seeking his blessings. They sang the songs “Dominic Savio, let your light shine upon me” and “Oh! When the saints go marching by I want to be in that number….’
The Sr Kg boys decorated a hat-a symbol of nobility-with a picture of Dominic Savio and the message written “Be Kind”. Sporting their hats, the children marched to the statue of Dominic Savio and offered him flowers and prayers. They thanked God for giving them a virtuous and noble patron Saint Dominic Savio. To exhibit the ‘Act of Kindness’ the children in the section sat together and shared their snack box. Video clippings on the life of Dominic Savio were viewed by the children in each class. In the activity class the children were asked to stick the picture of Dominic Savio and then colour the worksheet.
The day ended on a joyous and celebratory note with children receiving chocolates and carrying with them happy memories of acts of kindness.

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