Feast of Don Bosco-staff of DBHS and DBIS come together
-Mrs. Elizabeth Soares

The feast of our father and founder St. John Bosco is a solemn festive event on the campus. It’s an occasion we thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to us, and for the blessings we receive in a Don Bosco institution. As a part of the DB family, the staff of the two schools on the campus-DBHS and DBIS – attended the Eucharist in honour of St. John Bosco. It was an opportunity for the two groups to come together in prayer and worship, besides meeting and interacting with one another. It was a joyous moment for the two staff communities to meet on this festive occasion and pray for their common mission viz. the education and growth of the young.
The mass was held in the crypt with Fr. Crispino D’Souza the Rector as the main celebrant, and Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Fr. Roy Noronha and Fr. Leon Rodrigues as the the concelebrants. At the eucharist, Fr. Crispino delivered an inspiring homily on the Preventive system of Don Bosco. He began with the maxim of Don Bosco who oft stated that ‘Sanctity and holiness consists in being cheerful’. Fr. Rector then touched on the three R’s of the Preventive system – Reason, Religion and Rapport (Loving kindness). He invited each of us to live this system and be present to the young entrusted to us. The singing at mass by the high school choir was commendable and it lent a prayerful and melodious touch to the eucharistic celebration.
We continue with zeal in our mission to educate the young knowing perfectly well that Don Bosco is there to protect, guide and inspire us!