9 March, 2020
Father and Son Day
Mrs. Vailena D`Souza

Any man can have a child, that doesn’t make you a father. It is the courage to raise a child that makes one a father. These opening lines by the compere stirred the proud paternal feeling existing in the hearts of all fathers present. On this rousing note, began the Father and Son Day, of the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga on 7th March 2020, on the turf area of the school. It is a mega event, organized on a big scale, to deepen and cement the strong bond that exists between fathers and their sons. Classrooms were decorated with beautiful charts with thoughtful messages.
Conducting such a mega event calls for meticulous planning; and hence, preparations were underway much in advance to ensure that the ‘day’sails smoothly. After many brainstorming sessions, the theme, the takeaways for daddies and backdrop were finalized and the invites were designed and printed.
On the d -day, all the daddies excitedly congregated on the turf at the designated time (in two batches -morning and afternoon) where they were warmly welcomed. The ‘day’ began with a meaningful prayer and a superb dance energetically performed by the students that left most daddies feeling nostalgic about the famous disco dance moves of the 80’s. After Fr. Rector’s and Fr. Principal’s sage advice to all the daddies present, the programme began with joyous enthusiasm. Fathers relived their own childhood as they animatedly taught their sons to spin tops and fly kites. They also enthusiastically participated in the games organized for them by the class teachers. Joyous cries of the victors rent the air, and there was palpable happiness all around. They also wrote poignant and affectionate messages on heart shaped sticker notes provided to them, saying why they loved their sons, and these were mounted on a board for all to read.
Cyrus Irani, father of Burjis Irani of Std III B said that he was overwhelmed with emotion as he had recently lost his own father, and hence, could connect with the words on the backdrop which read, ‘The memory of a father is ‘Everlasting’. The Additional Commissioner of Police and father of Rishon of Std II B, Mr.Jayakumar said that he found this day awesome, and was impressed with the execution of the same. Mr.Niyaaz Saiyed , father of Hassaan and Rayyan Saiyed, of Std II A and IV A respectively, opined that chasing daunting deadlines in the corporate world leaves one stressed out and with no family time whatsoever. Hence, he’s eternally grateful to the school for organizing this day where he can spend quality time with his sons and he wouldn`t exchange this for anything else in the world. Mr. Vivek Save, father of Aadish Save found the event truly outstanding and he`s looking forward to many more.
The day then culminated with lucky draws and spot prizes declared for the best written message. The daddies took their leave and the boys dispersed to their respective classes with a treasure trove of happy memories in their hearts.

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