July 14, 2017


-Ms. Pauline Vallado

On 12th July, class 10 B presented their assembly on the theme ‘FAMILY’. A guided meditation at the start provided a fitting prelude to the theme of the day. The meditation session conducted by Ms. Pauline helped the students experience their inner self. Next up was the act, based on the strenna of ‘Family’ set in a classroom, with the teacher and the students discussing the true meaning of Family. The beautiful quote on the backdrop summed up the mood and the essence of the skit: ‘Family, a place where your lives begin and love never ends.’ The Rector, Rev.Fr. Crispino D’souza addressing the audience, shared his personal experiences about family.

The assembly concluded with the felicitation of the writers (for the Learning Disabled students) at the  SSC Board exams held in April 2017. Two of the writers- Aakarsh Nair and Shreyansh Mishra, presently studying in Std. X – shared their experiences and the special feeling of contentment and pride that comes in helping others in need. It was a boost and an exhortation for the younger students to follow suit.

“This assembly was a rather unique one; not only was it well thought out and executed, but what made it extraordinary was the participation of the whole class” said Samay Shetty, a student of Std. 10.


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