Faith in God Changes Everything-Class Assembly 8D
-Ms. Snovia Andrades

Class 8D presented a virtual class assembly on 20th January, 2020.The theme of the Assembly was ‘Faith in God Changes Everything’. We greeted our Rector, Principal, Head Teachers, teachers and students.
The assembly began with a prayer by a student and the class teacher Mrs Snovia Andrades, followed by a prayer song by Miss Perpetual Nazareth. This was followed by a motivational skit. The skit described the changes in the lifestyle of the students and their faith in God. It helped us understand the importance of life and to respect things that we take for granted.
The students showcased and expressed their talents through this assembly. The highlights of the assembly featured a powerful skit that integrated the many aspects of daily events that have been affected by the Corona virus lockdown. Yet our faith, belief, and trust in God changes the way we view and experience life situations.
Father Principal and Father Rector delivered encouraging speeches and congratulated the class teacher and students of class 8D for their hard work, efforts and creativity at the conduct of the assembly.

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