Faculty meetings in the secondary section
-Ms. Sonali D’Silva

Improvement begins with I.-Arnold H. Glasow
The first unit test marks the midway through the first term of the scholastic year. It’s testing time for the students in academics and it’s a time for the staff faculties to review and evaluate the subjects taught and learnt in the classrooms. Faculty meetings are an integral part of the teaching-learning process at Don Bosco High School, Matunga. Beginning from 29th July 209 to 3rd Aug 2019, each faculty of the Secondary section on the allotted day and time met with the Principal, AHM, Coordinator and the Superviors to discuss some outstanding and innovative practices involved in teaching their respective subject as also address the challenges faced in the curriculum. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read to shed light on the previously planned activities which in turn helped to understand the demands and expectations that need to be followed in the next session of the academic year. The staff also set an objective to be achieved in the scholastic year with reference to their subject which would help in better assimilation of the knowledge by the student. The challenge ahead for each staff member is to carry forward this plan and objective to enhance the teaching-learning process in the remainder of the year ahead of us.

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