Indoor Play Area

The school has introduced an innovative indoor play arena which consist of a trampoline, a ball pool, slides swings , innovated suspension swings, balancing beams, monkey pole and a suspension bridge. The children get an opportunity twice a week to play in this indoor play area. This will indeed help our kids develop gross motar skills so vital for their development.

Computer Labs

Our school has 2 spacious computer labs which are State-of-the-art which can house 60 computers so that each student gets the hold of the keyboard and instructions on a one-to-one basis. In the secondary computer lab we have 60 Pentium-4 machine.

Smart Boards

The interactive boards make learning more interesting and effective. The children enjoy learning and this enhances their cognitive development. This audio visual technology has made a great impact on their learning skills.


The Library plays a very vital role in the lives of the students as it develops their skill for reading. Stories are narrated to the students of the first and second standards. They are also encouraged by the librarian to read simple books. The boys of Stds III and IV are given interesting story books to read under the able guidance of the librarian. Our Cyber library is proud to offer  to all its students and teachers a large array of books and periodicals, along with its novel program ETC (Education Through Computers). Aided with LCD projectors, students can watch educational audio-visuals on Science, Geography and History, and also work on software’s like Paintbrush and Flash. Internet facility is also available here, and the students can browse and garner additional information on any subject of their choice. This facility is open on all school days between 0900 hrs to 1615 hrs.


The school campus and the corridors of the primary building are under video surveillance. In keeping with the ‘Salesian Presence’ the teachers take turns to do recess duty. This enhances not only the safety of our students but also helps to build a healthy teacher-student relationship.

Therapy & Counselling

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: The school has on its premises trained occupational therapist who  visit  the school every Tuesday and  Friday and give therapy to help children to develop their motor skills.

COUNSELLING FACILITY: The school has on its premises a councillor and her team who visit the school twice a week They are psychotherapist who help the parents and children according to their needs.

Career Guidance

Implemented in our school from this academic year for students of Stds 7 to 10. This program in association with an Australian based company MyKensho will definitely enable the school to direct the minds of the students especially when placed in a dilemma over the choice of their career. In the course of this program, the students will discover their identity while  working on their strengths and thus unfold their potential to explore, understand, plan and execute to attain success.






Nalanda Project: The school has taken up a new project known as the Nalanda Project. The project aims to improve maths through specifically designed module. Here each student is provided with a tab and exercises based on the syllabus. The teacher monitors the progress of each and every student that she deals with through a laptop. The Nalanda Project is presently for students from Stds. 3 to 6. 




Don Bosco High School, now has it’s very own mobile App powered by Intellinects Ventures!!

Parents, students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders can download this app now to get all school related information easily through a mobile device.The School Communicator includes all the information you really need to know news, calendar events, Facilities , contact list & links to useful resources. There are also critical alerts for news that just can’t wait.

The App provides you the following information:
– News @ Don Bosco High School
– Calendar of Events
– Principal’s message
– Videos from school functions
Additionally, the app now has a secure area for parents to login and view their son’s scholastic information that includes:
– Messages
– Home works
– Circulars


Learning Management is a class which imparts value education. It is an art of formal public speaking. It is a literary piece performed before an audience with emotions it consists of

  1. Unseen Poem Recitations
  2. Anchoring
  3. Monologues
  4. Conversations
  5. Miming
  6. Tongue Twisters
  7. Debates
  8. Story Telling
  9. Speeches
  10. Orating
  11. Creative Questions
  12. Reading adaptability and much more. Emoticon enhances your diction, pronunciations, Command over  the language, expressions, gestures, body languages, voice modulation, intonation. It brings forth a simple idea or thought, soliloquy, oratory, recitation, drama, clearly and convincingly to any audience.
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