23 August, 2018
Expression of Art
-Ms. Ruchika Bafna

From the time a child is conceived, s/he is growing and developing…
What starts as just a cell, blossoms into a beautiful and unique human being. During the children’s growing tenure at school, the values we at Don Bosco school incorporate into their lives are vital to who they will become. The brain of a child keeps growing and developing – and along with it the mathematics skills, the creativity, the language skills, the personality, his or her likes and dislikes, and much more. One of these being the active blooming of the arts and crafts skills.
Art is the medium of expression of human creative skills and imagination. Art Attack is celebrated every year-this year it was celebrated on 20 and 21 Aug- and the observance of this event has two features:
1.Drawing Competition
2.Art Workshop.
At the Drawing Competition, students were given topics based on their age groups. Some of the topics were fish tank, my school, festivals, conservation of nature.
In Art Workshop different types of art videos were presented to the students. The teacher introduced and explained new techniques to the students. Students showed their enthusiasm during this workshop and learned joyfully. Each of these activities requires the exercise of several motor skills that allows the child to become more independent learning to do things on its own. In addition, these are fun and useful skills acquired by a child and beneficial later in life. The idea behind each activity is to work on developing their feelings, their thinking, and their coordination skills. At first, we try helping them out and leading by example. But, eventually, we allow the children to complete the activity on their own, giving them a sense of independence and even pride that they could achieve the task with confidence by themselves.
The art attack day is designed on the lines of the mission statement of Don Bosco High School to impart holistic, life-long learning which empowers the child to be the architect of his own life with flying colors.