Mumbai, Sept. 12:

 A memorable week with its insights on the western states of India, with their distinct charm.


The students gave us a number of insights into unique facets that contribute towards the grandeur of the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa; their culture, cuisine, attire and recent achievements. The teachers of the blue house also engaged themselves in bringing out the beauty of the state by dressing up in the traditional attire of each state.

‘Manache Shlok’ along with the English meaning and a lively conversation between two students captured the different hues of the state of Maharashtra, followed by a video presentation in each class showing its historical monuments. Boys dressed in traditional costumes of Gujarat and Rajasthan transported us to the fascinating desert landscape through their greetings and the display. Rev. Fr. Principal was invited to light the diyas, and decorated with the traditional Rajasthani turban. Enchanting beaches of Goa, along with its historical sites were viewed through video presentations. Mrs.Elizabeth engaged the listeners with some traditional Konkani songs known as ‘mandwa’. This presentation was wrapped up with a Goan poem expressing the beauty of Goa.

The boys, through creative chart displays and wearing the state costumes, contributed to the House Week, along with the parents, whose support is very much appreciated.