28 January, 2019

Exploring Human Sense Organs
-Ms. Tejal Masmar

The students of Don Bosco High School, Matunga were out on a field trip to the Nehru Science Centre (NSC), Mumbai’s largest interactive Science Centre located in Worli on January 24, 2019, with a view to develop a scientific attitude and acquire knowledge of Human Sensory Organs.
165 boys of Std II accompanied by their respective class teachers and subject teachers, explored the indoor science museum with more than 500 interactive science exhibits displayed in various galleries.
Students visited some of the galleries gathering information and learnt through hands on experience by developing sensation of touch, sounds and sight along with various internal organs in a human body co-relating it to the topic taught in class. They also got an opportunity to take a glimpse of other sections like Plants and Animals, Pre- Historic Life of Animals, Aerospace, Machines, etc.
“It was indeed a wonderful experience to know about the various concepts of Awareness taught in the class” says Athaang Shikar.
It was an enriching experience and informative field trip for the kids. The students solved fun-filled worksheets and were evaluated for the same. They were asked to write 8 sentences on the field trip.

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