23 October, 2019
Executive body PTA meetings to mark the end of the first term
-Mr. Nelson D’Souza

The Parent Teacher Association Executive Committee Meeting was convened on the 12th of October 2019 at 2 pm and 3 pm for the Secondary section and Primary section respectively in the conference hall of the Secondary Section. The meetings in the two sections marked the end of the successful first term in the school.
The meetings were chaired by the Management and coordinated by the Secretaries of the two bodies. As is customary, the minutes of the meeting held at the beginning of the new scholastic year in June 2019 were read and passed by the members.
A part of the agenda was the communication of important events held in the first term and the progress of the activities held in the school viz. Scholastic reading program, MyKensho career guidance program, Beyond Academics, Raell Padamsee Speech and drama and the teaching of Mathematics through the Nalanda program. Mention was also made of the numerous awards received by the school at the city, state and National level in all round education, Sports and Extra-curricular activities. The schedule and plan for the major activities of the second term that includes the Management day, Children’s day, Christmas Panorama, Sports Festival and the Annual day were discussed at the meeting. Issues related to parking and security, school policies, discipline and environment care were also taken up as part of the agenda.
The two meetings ended with a desire and enthusiasm to take the vision and mission of the school ahead with collaborative projects and ventures.

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