15 February, 2019
-Ms. Susan Philip

February 14: The Don Bosco family congregated to celebrate the SSC batch of 2019 at their rite of passage yesterday . The boys in attendance looked dapper and debonair in their formal attire. The graduation ceremony was punctuated with thoughts of God’s grace and thanksgiving towards Him, and sagacious advice from the management, as the students recalled the bounty of memories they had scripted in their alma mater.
Fr. Rector highlighted the importance of a farewell in students’ lives. He said Std. X is not an end, but it heralds new beginning. Every end is a new beginning. He advised students not to be bogged down by percentages in exams. He cautioned them not to fuse examination and life. He reiterated that examination is not life, but life is an examination. Life is about the choices you make everyday. Fr. Bernard explained to the students the symbolic gesture of blessing the SSC hall tickets. It involves the sprinkling of holy water on the hall tickets and students, so that they would be touched by the hand of God. It is a moment when one invokes God’s blessing, love and grace on everything the students do. The principal wished that the young Boscoites would triumph in the examination of life. He exhorted them to be torch bearers of the Salesian institute. He observed that USP of this batch was, they were known for their respect towards elders and teachers. They took corrections in the right spirit and the challenge before them was how they would enjoy the much awaited freedom without the trappings of school. The principal also commented on the talent present in the batch and urged them to be selfless with their talents, as the more they gave of their gifts, the showers of blessings would pour down in equal measure. He acknowledged the successful run of the student council, as they went about their duties, without craving the limelight.
There were light moments of fun, laughter, songs and dance. The nominees for awards in various categories such the most stylish student, most polite student , most disciplined student, and sleeping beauty of the class, brought to the fore the rambunctious teen spirit of the boys.
Master Pranav Jha, the captain of the school, in his vote of thanks summed up the many highs experienced in the school. He thanked the school for teaching them to be cheerful givers of society, and the true meaning of life.

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