14 October, 2019
‘Every Student I Touch Reflects a Bit of Me’

Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth

The Secondary staff of DBHS, Matunga had an engaging session with the DBIS counsellor and psychotherapist Mrs. Bindu Chaddha, who conducted a much appreciated session for them on 4th October 2019 afternoon. The objective was to aid the teachers to remain positive, relaxed and energized while at work or at home. It dealt with issues related to classroom situations and our response to the events and happenings of each day keeping in mind our specific role of being a teacher.
Mrs. Bindu had earlier conducted sessions in this scholastic year with Std X students to help them understand the meaning, causes and impact of ‘Bullying’. The feedback from the students was one of the reasons for the session with the staff where Mrs. Bindu asked the teachers to help the students balance their Emotional Quotient by displaying love and trust without being authoritative. The counsellor further added that as a teacher, we have allowed our subconscious mind to make a deep impact on our minds that at times make us focus on authority and a negative mindset while dealing with students. According to the Law of Attraction there is a constant tussle between our conscious V/S our subconscious mind. It is important to focus more on the positive, which helps the subconscious mind in turn to attract only positive vibrations.
Mrs. Bindu emphatically expressed a need for each teacher to improve their Emotional Quotient by giving themselves the much needed ‘ME TIME’ everyday and focus on a few steps towards self care, which is much needed to set Today right to get a right Tomorrow. This would lead to creating a safe place for their students and their own selves. The session was an eye opener for the staff members who made a promise to give themselves enough time to remain positive and energised to give back their best to the students.

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