25 December, 2018

Events at school leading up to Christmas and the staff Christmas party
-Sir Cliffrichard D’Souza

It’s the feeling of Christmas! Many events were lined up for our Christmas celebration besides the mega two-day ‘Care n Share’ Christmas Panorama event. The school campus was abuzz with activities during the Christmas Panorama week. The student representatives of every class were a part of the decoration of the Christmas star that won them prizes for the best in every standard. There were the decoration of the Christmas tree, D-Decor inter-class competition, and the ‘delicious’ inter-class cooking competition that provided the Christmas excitement for the children. At the unique cooking competition, each division of a class sent their representatives for the competition. Every division was alternately to prepare a dessert and a mocktail. Without doubt these were all mouthwatering dishes. D-decor was for Grades 5-8. Every division was given a Christmas symbol, and these were to be depicted through art in a 2-D format/shape. The top three in the class were judged by the teachers; the remainder of the symbols was displayed in each classroom on the soft board.
Every year at Christmas, the Kg and the Primary sections of the school collect articles and stationery that are sent to the needy children of different institutions in the city, state and country. This year the students of Stds 5 to 8 of the Secondary section too pitched in. The beneficiaries of this outreach program were the children in our Don Bosco school in Suket, Rajasthan and Don Bosco, Chottaudepur, Gujarat.
The culmination of the Christmas festivities in the school was the staff Christmas party. As always, there is joy and camaraderie at this event. Staff-past and present-assembled on 22nd Dec morning to share in the Christmas spirit and fellowship, and usher in the Christmas season. There was dancing, games, exchange of gifts and hugs… and above all wishes and prayers for a joyous and peace-filled Christmas.

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