22 July, 2019
“Even If we are broken we are still worthy”
-Mrs. Valenka Fernandes and Mr. Nelson D’Souza

The Catholic students of Std 8 attended a Retreat on the 20th July 2019 conducted by Rev Fr Glen Lowe. It was an enriching experience which further helped the students to instil in them the aspects of having immense faith in God. Fr Glen Lowe shared his valuable insights with his experiences and the miracles in his life. He also stressed that each day is a miracle in one’s life. Each one has a purpose in life and God has something special in store for all of us. The boys showed enthusiasm with the activities organised by Fr Glen during the session.

The second part of the retreat was enhanced with a meaningful Eucharistic Celebration in the shrine crypt. Fr. Glen explained that the Eucharist is a celebration; it is like a party. Like at any party there is communication and eating together, so too at the Eucharistic celebration we communicate to God through prayers and eat His Body and drink His Blood to nourish our soul.

At a party the grooming of our external body is necessary and which we all do; so too it is also very important to groom our inner self before we enter the Eucharistic celebration. This is done during the penitential right where we bring all our miseries, brokenness and guilt before the Lord, who by His Mercy fills us with Joy and Peace by taking upon himself all our sufferings and pain and this is only done by God. Fr. Glen said that God’s mercy is much greater than all the sins of the world put together.

In conclusion, Fr. Glen said that it is not enough to win accolades in sports and academics but our soul should be given more importance to find joy and meaning in life.

On behalf of the students Master Kyle Rozario from class 8D proposed the vote of thanks and thanked Fr Glen for his precious inputs and for a lively fruitful session.

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