25 September, 2019
English Elocution Competition
Mrs. Christy Jagdish and Ms. JessiyaSekar

“Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings” W.H.Auden
Elocution provides an opportunity to speak formally with proper knowledge and use of pronunciation, style and tone. In order to inculcate linguistic skills among the students of Std III & IV they were asked to come prepared for the preliminaries. It was mandatory for all the students to recite an English poem. Following several rounds of elimination three students from each class were selected by their respective class teachers. A healthy competitive spirit prevailed as the twenty-four finalists marched to the Bianchi hall for the competition. The judges Mrs. Kanta Shinde, Mrs. Janet D’Cruz and Ms. Lynette D’Lima were welcomed by Ms. Christy at the venue.
The participants were marked for choice of poem, diction, memory, facial expressions, clarity of speech and voice modulation. The participants recited their poem with confidence and passion. It was a pleasure to watch our young Boscoites conduct themselves in a disciplined approach and render the poems with feeling and conviction. Given the close competition among the contestants, the judges had a challenging time deciding the winners. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks. The winners were awarded certificates at the prize distribution ceremony.
The winners were:
1st Khan Sayhan
2nd ElaviaRohaan
3rd ShirkarAthaang

Std IV
1st Pinto Enrico and FernandesYohaan
2nd Fernando Harrison and D’Costa Alan
3rd Lobo Shafin

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