16 September, 2018
English Elocution Competition-Stds: 3and4
Ms.Colleen Azavedo and Ms.Christy Jagdish

It is said that, “As gardens grow with flowers, English grows with words.”
The students of Std 3 and 4 had their English Elocution Competition on 12th September,2018. The students were asked to prepare for the same well in advance. After a series of qualifying rounds, twelve students from each standard were selected for the finals.
The judges were Mrs.Elizabeth Dinshaw, Ms. Lynette D’Lima and Ms. Jansi Dharmaraj. They were welcomed by Mrs. Christy Jagdish. The participants were marked for choice of poem, memory, facial expressions, clarity of speech and voice modulation. The participants recited their poem with confidence and enthusiasm. The intent of the competition touched upon various aspects of public speaking such as breathing, posture and articulation. Given the close competition among the contestants, the judges had a challenging time deciding the winners. The programme came to an end with the Vote of thanks.
The winners were:
Std 3:
1st prize-Liam Sequeira
2nd prize-Shafin Lobo
3rd prize-Tamil Enian ArokiyaInian and Dishant Shah
Std 4:
1st prize-Tiwari Sarthak
2nd prize-Pereira Jhoel and Asees Singh Sablok
3rd prize-Adair D’Souza

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