14 sep, 2016

– Ms. Mural Rebello

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In today’s global world the importance of spoken English cannot be denied. The English Elocution Competition for Stds. 3 & 4 was held on 12th September, 2016. After a series of qualifying rounds, 12 students from each standard were selected for the final round. The judges, Mrs. Kanta Shinde, Ms. Lynette D’lima and Mrs. Shoba D’souza were accorded a warm welcome by Mrs. Mural Rebello. The participants recited their poems with zeal, expression and enthusiasm. At the end of the elocution round, Mrs. Kanta and Mrs. Shoba appreciated and lauded the efforts of the students for participating in the competition. Later, Ms. Alareen Fernandes proposed the vote of thanks.

The intent of the competition was to help the students hone their skills in speaking expressively and effectively. The competition touched upon various aspects of public speaking such as breathing, posture, vocal and facial expressions and articulation.

The following students were declared winners:

Std. 3

1st place  : Aaditya Kotian, Mohammad Aayan Khan and Yhaan Panjuani.

2nd place: Stash D’Costa

3rd place : Arsh Vora

1st place  : Leon kothari
2nd place: Tanishq Devender
3rd place : Levlon D’souza.