22 January, 2019
English Elocution Competition Std I and II
-Ms. SarraMullick and Ms. Tejal Masmar

It is rightly said, “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” -Robert Frost.
Elocution is an opportunity for the children to express and learn. The students of Std I and II had their English Elocution Competition on January 21, 2019. It was one way to inculcate the linguistic skills among them, and this was done through the recitation of a poem. Three best participants from every class were selected for the competition.
Ms. Tejal, the teacher of primary section welcomed and introduced the three eminent and respected judges-Mrs. Lynette D’ lima, Mrs. Kuma Khambata and Mrs. Barbara Fernandes. The participants came well rehearsed for the day’s competition and they recited their poem with confidence and great elan. The boys performed well in their voice modulation, facial expressions and clarity of speech.
“The students really recited the poems very well and I enjoyed listening to them,” quipped Mrs. Barbara, our recently retired teacher from the Secondary section. “As they were reciting the poem, I recalled my childhood days where I relished such events,” she added further.
The winners were declared at the end of the competition following the criteria laid for judging. The students were reminded that it’s not winning that matters but the lessons we learn from our mistakes. A token of appreciation was presented to the judges and their valuable presence appreciated at the vote of thanks.
The winners:
Std I
1st prize- Kiaan Shetye
2nd prize- Lathaniel Gomes
3rd prize- Aashman Sarvedekar
Std II
1st prize- Pranav Suresh Kumar
2nd prize- Athaang Shirkar
3rd prize- Rohaan Elavia

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