16 August, 2018
Engaging parents in forming students career
-Mr. Nelson D’Souza

It’s over two years that our school has been associated with the MyKensho team in Career Guidance for the students of Stds. 7 to 10. This program that envisages online portals for the different stakeholders – students, parents and the staff – has the best outcomes through a regular and consistent engagement of these. To know about parents’ involvement in career guidance, an interactive session with ex-students of our school (batch of 2017-18) along with their parents was held on 15 August, 2018. Ms Krithika the spokesperson and representative of Mykensho was invited to address the session. The parents and students were asked to share their views and their testimonies were recorded.
The parents came out with many valid suggestions – having more interactive sessions; integrating school App with with Mykensho for effective and instant communication between parents and the facilitator as the existing system of communicating via mail doesn’t prove very effective as most of the parents do not access their mails regularly; and training students in time management through career guidance.
The students realised that career guidance is limited not only to provide information on jobs and guiding students in their decisions but it also helps them select their skills needed for developing and executing their long-term goals. It is also an effective approach to assist students requiring individual action plans that has to be constructed in terms of education, training, stress and the personal capacity to adapt to a changing labour market and new job requirements. Career guidance appears to play an important role in their formation.
Ms. Krithika shared a link with parents and students to get their feedback. She also browsed through the Mykensho portal and explained the various tools available under Education-Career-Development. This particular presentation actually pointed out the concern raised by the parents about the Time Management. Various tools showed how students can use their time effectively by prioritising their priorities and the required efforts they need to put in to achieve their goal.

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