“Admiration comes easy to a person who is endowed with the grace of elocution and elegance of style.”
To enhance public speaking skills and to build self-confidence, the boys of SrKg had their English Elocution competition on 10th August, 2019. The class students participated in the event and the elimination round was conducted by their respective teachers. On the day of the competition, the program began with a welcome of our honourable judges, Dr. Manasi Achaliya, Mrs. Benzi Farro, Mrs. Blanche D’souza and our very own KG Supervisor Mrs. Shoba D’souza. Meanwhile the little orators were anxiously awaiting their turn to hold the microphone and recite their poems. The creditable performance exhibited by the finalists lingered a while in the minds of teachers, fellow class students and the judges present at the event. The participants of each class were applauded by the student audience. The poise, self confidence and praise worthy articulation delivered by the speakers made it arduous for the judges to shortlist the winners of the competition. Our prestigious judges very meticulously judged the competition on voice modulation, memory and choice of the poem. Prizes were awarded to the top three students of the competition. The competition ended with a motivational advice by the judges, “Winning prize is not important as taking part in competitions”.

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