7 March, 2017

-Ms. Daksha Tandel


The Student council is a group of students who represent the students of the school and play an active role in influencing student related policies and in the organization of various school events. Every year the student council elections are conducted towards the end of the scholastic year for academic year ahead.

This year the elections were held on 3rd March,2017. The final contestants for the elections included 10 boys from Std IX and 10 boys from Std VIII. These contestants for the student council went through the rigors of the preliminary elimination rounds, and braced themselves for the last fight – a place in the student council. They campaigned through posters and banners, and on the last day gave their election speeches over the intercom while the electorate (the staff and students of the school) got to view the snaps and the symbols of the contestants on the screen of their classroom. Later all (including the staff members) exercised their right to vote through the special online voting facility in the computer department. The students of Stds V to VIII voted for the Vice-Captain while Stds. VIII & IX voted for the Captain.

The new Student Council 2017-18 is as follows:


Captain: Siddhartha Gupta.

Discipline Captain:Aakarsh Nair.

Sports & Activity Captain:Rudraksh  Lamba.

House Captains.

Red: Shreyansh Mishra.

Blue:Varghese Chiramal.

Green:Mihir Karia.

Yellow:Nashan D’Souza.


Vice Captain:Arya Singarwadi.

Discipline Vice Captain:Ravin Shah.

Sports & Activity Vice Captain:Hishaam Majeed.

House Vice Captains

Red :Shikhar Parekh.

Blue:Varun Bhatia.

Green:Heet Mehta.

Yellow:Pranav Jha.