Following the elections in the school on 29th Feb 2016, we have the results of our newly elected school leaders.

They will form the elected representative body of the school student council for the academic year 2016-17:

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6electionResults l0001


Paarth Kapassi School Captain
 Hrithik Swarup Sports and  Activity Captain
Elvin Rodrigues   Discipline Captain

House Captains



Moksh Jain Red
Harsh Gandhi Blue
Dhruv Sanghvi Yellow
Aman Singh Green
Jayanand Jayan School Vice Captain
Akarsh Nair Sports and Activity Vice Captain
Darshan Chauhan Discipline Vice Captain

House Vice Captain

Samay Shetty Green
Jose Akkarapatty Blue
Ayush Matkari Yellow
Rudraksh Berde Red