Prasd Chalkar XF and Aaron Pereira  XF

         IMG_0425               Education to Love was not a  new subject for the students of Std X., though more popularly known as Sex Education.  They had heard about it from friends. They made their way to the conference hall and met Fr.Edison who would be  their educator and facilitator.  . Many  thought, this was  going to be just another candid  question-answer session.  Some students   even joked that they knew more than Fr. Edison  himself. However, the session didn’t turn out as  many had imagined. As the session progressed, students saw themselves  getting more engaged  with Fr.    He started with a humorous video that depicted sex education to teens in India and how it conflicted with Indian values and how teachers were embarrassed discussing it. What followed after was an hour of amazing  and purpose filled interaction between  students and Fr. Edison.  He explained about the  human anatomy using  pictures and videos.  Besides that, father told how  watching pornography can affect  one’s  married life.

      singing001 Fr. Edison was the Man of the Moment. His  witty and  rib-tickling statements enabled him to strike a rapport with the students and the young teens opened up without any inhibitions. . He made sure that each query was answered,and  each doubt  cleared. By cracking a few jokes in between, he made sure that the students   were  comfortable and did not feel  awkward. Many misconceptions of the life process were shattered.  One of his many zingers was,” This is one class where I won’t give you any homework.”  From pornography to sexual intimacy, he covered  every topic, and at the same time, he made it a joyous and fun filled experience. Students left  the Conference Hall with a mature and transformed outlook towards one of    God ‘s greatest gifts to man.They were not giggling and laughing like gauche school boys  i.e. not the way they  entered the Conference Hall.

 It is common  many children  refuse to talk with their parents about sex because  they are shy  and feel uncomfortable. Parents themselves don’t broach the subject . Sessions like these help students understand themselves better and satisfy their curiosity.