23 September, 2019
Education to love
-Dhruv RamMohan (9D )and Jash Solank (9C)

On 21 and 22 September ’19, a session on ‘Education to Love’ was held at Don Bosco High School, Matunga for the students of Std IX. It was a session for the students to know some facts about life. The session was conducted by a priest and doctor both rolled into one, Fr. Edison Fernandes, who was invited to expose the students more to the different phases through which a person goes.
Some students shy away from discussing and disclosing certain facets of their growth with their parents. It was indeed an enriching experience for the boys to get to know about the various changes in the body. It gave them various life lessons to help them further in life. Fr. Edison, as a counselor was really open and frank. He made the children feel comfortable asking him questions. The session was conducted in different batches class-wise. The students were made familiar with different types of love and given a sheet to recognize this too.
The students were made aware about the facts and reality about the adolescence. The session also highlighted the changes during puberty and helped us understand that what we are facing is common and there was no cause for any worry.
It was wonderful to see students interact freely with Father and curious to understand more about the subject. This reflected the maturity of the participants and the open environment that the institution provides, to be able to voice thoughts and mature as an individual. Fr.Edison was very open and made an honest attempt to even hear the most thoughtless questions asked by the students. The students were proud to be a part of Don Bosco, Matunga and felt more enriched with the knowledge and self-confident to be able to have a conversation about different types of love.

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