7 September, 2019
Eco Club Green Line Project-Stop Polluting to Continue Living
-Ms Ranjana Bhandare

‘Breathe Free’! Breathing freely and breathing clean air, which should be the most normal action in our lives, has now almost become a luxury! Air Pollution today is not only one of the biggest environmental challenges that we face, it has emerged as one of the largest global killers. Toxic substances which pollute the air such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and lead, are all harmful to human health and can eventually cause death and in a mega city like Mumbai, this problem gets further exacerbated.
With this background, the Eco Club Greenline Project in school will focus on educating the students towards restoring our indoor and reviving our surrounding -learning about air pollution and its solutions, realizing our responsibility in our daily life to contribute less to air pollution through a lifestyle change. To create this awareness and as part of the Eco club project, the Greenline students of Std III and IV enacted a skit on 30 Aug 2019 with this message. They prepared charts on air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. The students brought to light the advantages of the use of cloth bags, the importance of saying no to plastic, keeping indoor plants, planting saplings etc all of which help to reduce pollution. The children spoke on the ill-effects of the use of air-conditioners, deodorants, incense, gas cans which are responsible for thousands of tons of air pollution.
The audience learned that a happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature. Stop air pollution today. Hate Pollution, Love Environment!

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