22 February, 2018

Eat to live, don`t live to eat – Food Day Std 4

– Ms. Vailena Dsouza

The teachers of Std 4in the Primary section organized Food Day on 20th February, 2018, for their students to correlate it with the lesson done on `Food` in EVS I. The students were previously informed about all the different materials they needed to bring to class on the assigned day. On the D-day, the Teacher discussed the importance of food, its various constituents, the staple food of people of different regions and the importance of having a balanced diet. They impressed upon the young minds the need and value out the value of not wasting food. The students participated actively in this discussion.

The students then very creatively moulded clay to depict various food items. They also completed a very interesting worksheet on food. During their short break, they shared delicious food items with their friends.  The highlight of the day was the preparation of peanut laddus by the students in the class as part of their project.

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