2 March, 2020
Eat Right, Stay Healthy -Nutritional Day
-Ms. Alareen Fernandes

A well-balanced diet with regular physical activity is the recipe for good health. To make the students aware of this, Nutritional Day was organized in the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga on February 25, 2020.
The teachers explained to the students the constituents of food and made them aware of the importance of eating healthy food which is important to remain fit. Songs, videos and power point presentations helped the students to understand the concept better. The students were also presented an opportunity to prepare fruit salad and Tang-a healthy soft drink in class. They shared sandwiches during the recess with their friends. Later, the children had fun solving the puzzles in the activity worksheet.
“We must eat food prepared at home as it is healthy,” said Ethan D’Souza. “I enjoyed the Nutritional Day and I learnt to eat healthy to stay healthy,” mentioned Aakash Chaskar, both students of Std. II D.
It was a day of learning about good eating habits in a fun filled way. The children learnt a lot and enjoyed to the fullest.

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