12 October, 2019
E7-Sports conditioning and Fitness training
-Ms. Rytika Pereira

Fitness is the cornerstone of any sports.
The E7 fitness program is a fun way of getting children the necessary physical activity, vital for their future development and growth. This program developed by our ex-student and ex International hockey player Edgar Mascarenhas complements child’s sporting activity with proper sports conditioning program to enhance their overall performances. This programme is not sport specific but concentrates on all round fitness.
The Pre-Primary section began their E7 fitness program for this scholastic year on 4th October, 2019 for the Sr. Kg boys and on 5th October,2019 for the Jr. Kg. A fun fitness program is planned for the children which concentrates on the 7 essential elements of fitness-endurance, speed, agility, strength, flexibility, balance and stability. It also emphasizes coordination that creates a strong base in fitness viz. to be fit, strong and healthy. The school has initiated this program a year back looking at the current social scenario of place constraint at home and locality and time constraint of both working parents to assist the child in this regard. Also the E7 program conducted last year proved beneficial to the children.
E-7 program encourages the child to lead healthy life styles and have more positive, happier, sunnier outlook of life. One could sense the enthusiasm at this program outdoors. The boys had a fun time on the field with warm ups, different activities and games. Most of the sessions to be conducted in the future would be camouflaged into fun activities and drills to keep the child focused. Without doubt the engaging E7 fitness program will make the children long to come back for more!

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