14 October, 2018
E7 fitness program for the Kg section off to a enthusiastic beginning!
-Ms. Bianca Fernandes

At the beginning of this scholastic year a short orientation program was conducted by the founder of the E7 Fitness Physical Education Program for children, Mr. Edgar Mascarenhas, International hockey player and our own ex-student, for the Kg staff on the E7 fitness program. The fitness program is a FUN way of getting children the necessary physical activity that is so very crucial for their future development and growth. It was planned to begin this program post the monsoon season.
Begin, it did! With a bang and a touch of excitement! The E7 fitness program began with the Sr Kg on the 5th of Oct 2018, and the Jr Kg on the 6th of October. It was a new and fun-filled experience for the boys, and they enjoyed all the exercises and games conducted by Mr. Edgar’s team. It was learning of instructions and co-ordination for the boys in a play way method. In all, it was a power-packed experience that the boys are looking forward to every week!