24 August, 2016


– Ms. Elizabeth Soares


Having been inspired by Don Bosco, the Red house joined hands together as staff and students to help educators and the young value the need for duty, discipline and co-curricular activities.Don Bosco had this advice for educators  – Be polite, factual, firm and to the point. Corporal punishment does more harm than good. To the young he advised that there was no shortcut to happiness.

At the morning assembly, the student speakers communicated effectively in English and Hindi to facilitate effective understanding of good behaviour that helps the school to run smoothly. The video presentation that was prepared by the students, and viewed in every classroom helped the students reflect on their freedom in school as also value their teachers.The educators in turn received the message of making students feel that they were loved. The program concluded  with the Red house students singing a song of thanksgiving to Don Bosco.