Don Bosco Matunga stars in the film ‘5 Rupya’

The feature film 5 Rupya, yet to be released in the studios, but screened at major film festivals across the globe, has a Don Bosco Matunga element to it. Its producer, writer and director, Mr. Piyush C Panjuani is an alumnus of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, besides the young Boscoite Yohan Panjuani from Std 5 who plays a stellar role in the film. The movie, an adaptation of the classic short story, Idgah, by the Upanyas Samrat, Munshi Premchand provided a telling takeway: children, despite the subterfuge, are good at heart. It is a poignant narrative of the bonding between Ameena, the grandmother and Hamid, her grandson and an orphan. Ameena, played by Shabana Azmi, is the quintessential grandma, fiercely proud of her grandson and willing to sacrifice all for his sake. Little Hamid, played by young Yohan Panjuani, is extremely affable, with his complete trust in Ameena, deferentially tagging along with a bunch of older boys, and especially his sense of wonderment when observing the simple beauty in nature.

Set against the backdrop of the valley and season of Eid, the movie unfolds with Ameena cooking over an earthen stove and getting her fingers singed, a fact noticed by Hamid. The two live in abject poverty, but Hamid is an optimistic, precocious and lively Kashmiri lad being promised ‘5 Rupya’ by his grandmother Ameena as his ‘Eidee’. He looks forward to eidee and the scenes encapsulate the consequences of Hameed helping himself to the said coin. The movie captures the escapades Hamid has with the village boys, his unwavering faith in what his grandmother tells about his parents and the Will he exerts to avoid the temptation to buy the frills offered at the fair.

Be it the puckish look or the myriad emotions that flit by Hamid’s face, the camera does not disappoint. It captures them all. The musical score, the lyrics by Javed Akhtar add gravitas to the film.

Most of the crew and the lead character are Don Bosco Matunga boys. These include:

Piyush C Panjuani (Producer – Director – Writer) SSC Batch of 1974- 1975.
Bimal C Panjuani (Producer) SSC Batch of 1981- 1982
Dhruv P Panjuani (Associate Director) SSC batch 2005-2006
Jehan B Panjuani (Assistant Director) SSC batch of 2010-2011
Yohan B Panjuani (Lead Actor – Hero of the film)…. Studying in 5D