20 July, 2017


-Ms. Sheela Pillai

Class 10 C assembly was held on 19th of July, 2017. The assembly reflected the current Salesian educative system modelled on a family with the Rector assuming the role of a father who is concerned of the welfare of the school and students. The students of the class also highlighted the night study class facilities on the campus where support is given to needy children of the bastis in the neighbourhood.

The assembly began with the meditation conducted by Miss Elizabeth that helped students reflect on the gift of our families. In the skit that followed, the scene depicted young Mark, a new student, entering the school confused at what he observes – children playing and running. He is helped by a student Harry and his companions, and returns home happy for an enjoyable day at school. At home he talks about his day to his grandfather.  The scene quickly fades to the past depicting the grandfather’s story. Alex (the grandfather) worked at a tea stall and as stroke of luck would have it, he is helped to get admission at Don Bosco Night Study Class, Matunga, where he studies by night and works at day. The grandfather couldn’t have had a better family experience than at Don Bosco. The assembly ended with the rendition of the school platinum jubilee song by the students of class X C.

Fr. Crispino, the Rector, got the assembly to listen to an audio clip on the address of Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme court who stressed on hardships in life that offer us a lesson in growth.