Don Bosco High School engages Prafullta to conduct a webinar-Tayyari Jeet Ki for Parents of Std X.
-Mrs Lakshmi Krishna

On the 9th of January 2021, a webinar titled ‘Tayyari Jeet Ki’, an orientation towards successful performance at the SSC board exams was held on the Zoom platform for the parents of the students of Std X. This orientation programme was conducted by Prafullta, Matunga. The timing of this session was apt as most parents are challenged with the hyperactive behaviour of children now that the Board exams are round the corner coupled with the constraints of the online studies and the pandemic.

The programme had a delayed start owing to technology challenges. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes welcomed the parents and introduced the panel of speakers -Ms. Srilata Srikanta-ounselling psychologist, Ms. Sudha Rao-special educator, Ms. Divya Nair-clinical psychologist and Dr. Fabian Almeida-a consultant psychiatrist.

Ms. Srikanta expressed that our children are individuals seeking themselves in this maze of confusion amidst the current challenges thrown at them. They are going through the stages of exploration, risk-taking, rebellion, commitment, loss of security, etc. Parents on the other hand need to guide, support, comfort and encourage their children to do their best and to work towards a routine of good study habits.

Ms. Rao emphasized on study strategies and quoted the Chinese philosopher, Confucius, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand”. She focused on aspects such as prioritizing time, exercising, proper intake of food, preparing memory games, mnemonics, flow charts and mind maps.

Dr. Almeida shared four different case studies to highlight the kind of problems faced by students with learning difficulties. He suggested that the parents accept the reality rather than get stigmatized, encourage rather than demoralize the child. Keep a multi-modal approach, being mindful of the role of genetics which comes with its own set of challenges. With these factors in mind, parents along with their specialist, must carefully assess the child before resorting to any intervention such as medication, etc.

Due to technical difficulties, Ms. Nair couldn’t deliver her talk.

Dr. Almeida then opened the house for questions. Dr. Almeida and Ms. Sudha Rao both laid emphasis on ‘TOUGH LOVE’ while setting responsibility and accountability expectations from the child. Both emphasised the need to monitor the children-to discipline and bring order to any situation that is experienced at this crucial time as a student. They encouraged parents to foster the ideals of being realistic, focused, persistent, hard work and meeting deadlines. They added, “For the child to succeed we must cooperate as a family. This is imperative if we as parents are genuinely interested in the well-being of our child’s mental health”. Ms. Sudha Rao emphatically quoted Thomas Edison – “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford is to lose”. The speakers shared this hard-hitting message to inspire the boys who haven’t taken on this challenge yet.

The webinar was well-received by all the parents as they had many take-aways. A few reactions from the parents-

“It was a great session. Please request the management to keep for the boys too.”

“Thank you for today’s session. It was very informative and good learning for us parents where we are going wrong. A session like this for the boys will help them too. Thank you once again”.

“Thank you. The session was so informative. Really hope a similar one is organised for students too”.

“I am happy about today’s session. Confidence and satisfaction would be the descriptive words that come to mind after today’s session”.

The session was interactive where parents sought clarifications and shared their thoughts. The team of speakers ably handled them with simple yet insightful clarifications.

Fr. Ajoy closed the session with a vote of thanks.

Ms. Christina, AHM, Don Bosco High School, Matunga thanked Fr. Ajoy and the eminent panel of speakers including the parents who attended this online webinar.

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