8 July, 2018
Dominic Savio kindergarten celebrates the feast of its patron saint.
Ms. Blanche DSouza

On 6th July 2018, the tiny tots of the Savio kindergarten celebrated with much joy and fervor the feast of their patron saint, St. Dominic Savio. The little children of Savio Kindergarten were made known through pictures and stories, the life of the young teenage saint in the oratory of Don Bosco. The children marveled at his life and were amazed to know about his resolute beliefs.
As an activity, the children of Jr. Kg were given the picture of Dominic Savio to stick in their note books which was later coloured too. The students were also taken near the statue of Dominic Savio on the same floor as their classroom for a photograph while teachers explained to them about the life of this little saint. The students also viewed a documentary on the good works and teachings of St. Dominic Savio.
The Sr. Kg students had their own share of festivities and activities to celebrate the feast. They completed a worksheet and prepared a photo frame for St. Dominic Savio which they decorated with colorful stickers. The students were also presented with a Power Point presentation on the life of St. Dominic Savio that lay emphasis on his obedience, duty and prayer.
The students of the Savio Kindergarten are truly blessed with a model and spiritually attractive patron in St. Dominic Savio, and his feast day provided an opportunity for them to learn more about him and imitate his good qualities as they grow into mature human beings.