24 November, 2019

Doing it the ACE way
-Ms. Koeli (ACE Academy team)

On November 23, Saturday the boys of Grade 5 and 6 presented their First Informal Performance Day.
To begin with, Our Academy for Creative Expression believes in giving a platform to the children to express themselves confidently, without any inhibitions or stage consciousness.

We encourage our children to absorb the ideas incorporated in class and showcase the same on stage.
We strongly believe in building core values and developing their personalities.
We encourage Holistic Growth and Value Building in all our ACE children as they are the Leaders of Tomorrow.
We, at ACE, have always introduced new ideas/techniques year after year. Some the new techniques introduced this year, are:
Talk Time, which is a teaching tool, that will enable all children to take part in discussions and is also an essential part of the learning process. It is an opportunity for children to develop their speaking skills and enables them to think, look, listen and concentrate.
We have encouraged our children by giving them, Leader Badges where 4 groups are formed and a Leader is selected for the day. The Leader changes for every class. The reason why we are doing this, is to motivate more children into being responsible for their groups.
We have our children read from the Rapid Reader as well as Newspapers, in order to keep them abreast of what is going on globally. This is to improve their diction and fluency of the language; and to give them confidence to speak at public gatherings.
We have introduced the “Well Done Cards” which are given to the children with consistent rise and improvement in their progress
The programme today at DBHS Matunga for students of Grades 5 and 6 was a showcase of all that is incorporated in the class like Mimes, which encourages Team work as well as thinking out of the box; Poems, which help in improving their choral work and elocution skills; Conversational English (CEs) Pieces which help to work on their concentration, communication skills, voice projection, stage presence, improve their creativity and build their self confidence.
and lastly, Use of a Prop which help the kids think out of the box and create something new from a given object.
All the 250 boys were a part of the performance. Inspite of getting very less time, the boys put up a stupendous performance. As it was an Informal performance, the parents were made a constant part of the programme which they thoroughly enjoyed and getting star sticker as a token of appreciation was a booster for the active participation of the parents. Theatre Games, which helps in Imagination building was also played with the parents.
The overwhelming parents, their positive feedback and the faces of happy and confident boys post performance for sure suggest a successful day.

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