6 July, 2017
Do good to all – celebrating St. Dominic Savio: Kg section
-Ms. Sandra Alphonso
The boys of the Pre-Primary section celebrated the feast of Dominic Savio on 4th July, 2017. The Pre-Primary section has been named ‘Savio Kindergarten’ after young Saint Dominic Savio. Dominic Savio is viewed as a paragon of virtue.  ‘Do good to all’, a noble and ethical virtue of Dominic Savio was the theme for the day. The teachers in each class read a story of Dominic Savio based on this virtue. The boys watched  short videos clippings on the life of Dominic Savio, thus enhancing their listening skills.
‘Oh when the Saints go marching in, I want to be in that number…’ , and so marched the boys of the Pre-Primary to the statue of Dominic Savio. They prayed fervently invoking the blessing of this glorified Saint.
The boys exhibited their creativity skills and prepared beautiful and colourful flowers sticking pictures of Dominic Savio. They were overjoyed to display their flowers before the picture of Dominic Savio on the board decorated by their teachers. The boys expressed gratitude through a song to the Divine for giving them Dominic Savio as a model saint.
The day came to an end on a sweet note when the children were overjoyed to receive a  Cadbury chocolate and left home with  the message “Do good to all”.
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