21 July, 2017


– Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth 

About 300 students of Std 8 of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, along with their teachers, embarked for an impressive experience on 20th July, 2017 to Nehru Science Centre, Worli as a part of their academic activity.

Nehru Science Centre offered the students an experience to enjoy the basic principles and marvels of science and technology. The Centre incorporates innovative ways to communicate science to common people.

The Science film “Alaska: Spirit of the Wild” took the students into a world of cold surroundings where the director explored its rich history, surprising wildlife, harsh climate and bidding spirit. The film features an abundance of Alaskan wildlife including the moose, bears, sea-lions, wolves, caribou and humpbacked whales. This 30 minute film was a perfect example of merging education with entertainment. Boris Fernandes, a student remarked,” I learnt a lot about the wildlife in Alaska, how they live in hibernation and also the manner in which they hunt for their food.”

On this day in 1969 humans achieved a great breakthrough. It was Neil Armstrong who made a first attempt to land on something else other than the earth. To celebrate this day, the Centre organised an interactive show on moon and its evolution which was projected on a giant animated 3D earth globe. This globe appears to be floating in mid- air and even rotating on its axis. Raihat Singh Matta, a student said,” The show was fascinating. I came to know how the moon was formed, why it is spherical in shape and the reason for its craters,” Craig D’souza another student said,” We saw our planet Earth displayed as a giant 3D sphere. The oceans and our continents all looked so real.”

“The information given in Science on a sphere about the moon made the students more curious to learn about our Solar system,” said Mrs. Nikki Sharma, a teacher of the school. “The movie on Alaska was an eye opener on how different species are becoming extinct due to global warming.” The field trip thus successfully managed to enthuse, entertain, initiate and excite the curious young minds scientifically.


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